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Studio YONA 
puts the story in 
a hand-made world

Studio Yona is a studio specializing in stop-motion animation production.


Big Fish with hand

​Director of Photography/Kim Ye-bin


​Infusing the soul

24 frames per second.

Single pictures are gathered together to become an animation.

The analog world with the human spirit has the power to attract people.

The harmony of digital technology overcomes limitations and gives wings

to imagination.


A seamless creative process

Animation / Film / Sculpture / Craft / CG / Shooting / Sound / Music

From the initial concept to the final touches, 

our artists put their hearts and souls into every detail,

ensuring the highest quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Twinkle Animation Team

​CEO & Director

Park Jae-beom

​Art director

Lee Yunji

​CG Leader

Kim Bo-seong

​Character Team Leader

Baek Jihyun

Puppetry Artist

Kim Doeun

Director of Photography​

Kim Ye-bin

​3D Modeler

Shin Seung-ryeol

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