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<빅피쉬>Jonah went in search of the Big Fish</빅피쉬>

<빅피쉬>Jonah went in search of the Big Fish</빅피쉬>

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Do you know the short stop motion animation called Big Fish?

This animation was created thinking of those who were sacrificed and those left behind by the Sewol Ferry Disaster.


Jonah went in search of the Big Fish.


Short Animation Big Fish Maker 


Director Park Jae-beom, who wrote and co-directed <Big Fish>, wrote it himself.

I put everything about <Big Fish> into a book.

We invite you to the process of making stop motion animation and the process of creating <Big Fish>! 


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Studio Yona Naver StoreYou can check it out here :)

  • Product Size: Width 21cm X Length 16cm

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